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Dutch Wall Textile Co

Jarmuiden 7, 1046 AC Amsterdam

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Dutch Wall Textile Co. was founded in 2014 out of a passion for textile and interiors.

Our story

With its unique collection in colours and textures Dutch Wall Textile Co. brings back alive the era of interior richness. With a nod to the Dutch Golden Age where international trade took a flight and the Dutch crossed the world by sea, Dutch Wall Textile Co. is crossing the world and presents a fine collection of Indian silks, Italian velvets and Belgian suedes.

Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, Dutch Wall Textile Co.'s products are of a high quality with their international style ensured by the cooperation with the best weavers throughout the world. Dutch Wall Textile Co.'s products are timeless and complementary to any interior.

T:+31 6 48 78 68 54

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