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Jesse Korver

21 5
lid sinds: 21-11-2013


Tee hee hee hee! Welcome to Shy Guy's Shop. Too bad I'm not gonna sell anything to you, Mario!

I'm-a Luigi, number one!

It's-a-me, Mario!

Marching straight ahead into the enemy's feet!' Didn't you memorize that in Goomba boot camp?

I know! We should team up! Come on! Hop on my back!

You say I look fat and my quadruple chin looks like a waterfall of flab? Shut up! That's just because you have your television set up on widescreen display!

Hey! You might be getting better, but nobody cheats better than Waluigi! You got that?!

Welcome. No one's home! Now scram--and don't come back! Gwa ha ha!

Mario, you're my knight in shining armor!

The king of swing... the thrilla gorilla... the prime primate... It's Donkey Kong!

Ruff! Ruff! (I'm gonna steal coins or stars just for you!

Ahh...nothing quite like good cookies and some evil milk.

Uh-oh, Baby Luigi time!

Not-a-bad, for a baby!

All graphics, and no gameplay, they say!

M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mario! Help! It's Sh-sh-sh-sh-shocking... Mushroom Castle... RAIDED! Princess Peach... STOLEN!

You cannot overwrite this file.

Double Cherryy Power up

It's me Marioooo

The real MARIO!!!

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